Shirak Region Losing Its Agricultural Land Areas

Shirak Region Losing Its Agricultural Land Areas


Shirak Region is losing its agricultural land areas, as Gyumri Aarhus Center Coordinator Gevorg Petrosyan is beating an alarm signal to EcoLur. One of the reasons is lowering categories of agricultural land areas during recent years. “Thus, the cadastre value of the land reduces, and in future, if the government plans to implement a project on that land, compensation price will be low,” Gevorg Petrosyan said. Another cause of land loss is the absence of proper care of lands, which results in their degradation. “Our land areas are gradually changing. If there was certain agronomy in the Soviet years, the land areas were fertilized and irrigated, nowadays nobody does something like this. These functions are vested on the community, but the community doesn’t manage even to levy land tax,” Gevorg Petrosyan said.

Another hazard threatening to the land areas in Shirak region is extra pasture. “In recent 2-3 years when sheep sale to Iran started, people began keeping large numbers of sheep, which naturally assumes great overload on land resources, especially when we don’t have pasture management plans and we don’t know when pasture season starts, when animals can pasture when not.”

September 02, 2013 at 12:35

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