Two Hazardous Non-Reclaimed Tailing Dumps in Aragatsotn Region

Two Hazardous Non-Reclaimed Tailing Dumps in Aragatsotn Region


EcoLur is continuing to publish the findings of the monitoring it carried out. This report covers the problems of the tailing dumps in Aragatsotn Region.

Reminder: Nature Protection Minister Aramayis Grigoryan said at the press conference on 11 August summarizing 100 days of his holding office, if the mining companies don’t solve their problems with the tailing dumps, Nature Protection Ministry will demonstrate serious approaches even stopping the activities of the companies.

Two full tailing dumps owned by 'Mego Gold' LLC are located near Meliq Village, Aragatsotn Region. The capacity of the first tailing dump is around 20,000 cum, while that of the second tailing dumps is from 25,000 to 30,000 cum. The residents of Meliq villages have many times beaten alarm signals about the toxic emissions from these tailing dumps and the contamination of the agricultural products. Non-reclaiming of the tailing dumps is explained with the presence of the gold in the tailing dumps. In the first tailing dump each ton contains 1-1.5 gram of gold, while the second tailing dump contains 0.6-0.7 grams in one ton. Without reclaiming the full tailing dumps, 'Mego Gold' LLC intended to construct the third tailing dump, but the locals opposed to it demanding, first of all, to reclaim the old tailing dumps. In May 2013 the Nature Protection Ministry issued a negative opinion to the working project of the tailing dump for the Tukhmanuk ore dressing plant in Aragatsotn Region submitted by 'Mego Gold' LLC.

August 19, 2014 at 13:03