"Teghut" CJSC Presented Report on Open Pit Expansion and Operation Period Extension 9 Years Late

"Teghut" CJSC Presented Report on Open Pit Expansion and Operation Period Extension 9 Years Late

"Teghut" CJSC wants to expand Teghut copper-molybdenum open pit and extend the period of operation.

On April 4, 2022, at 12:00 p.m., the fourth public discussions of the main assessment report on the environmental impact of the second stage operation of Teghut copper-molybdenum mine of "Teghut" CJSC will take place at the residence of Administrative Head of Teghut settlement of enlarged Alaverdi community of Lori Region.

It should be noted that the company should have submitted this document 9 years ago. On November 7, 2006, BP-135 positive conclusion was issued for the operation of Teghut ore-dressing plant and copper-molybdenum mine for a period of 8 years until November 7, 2014. An examination requirement was established to submit the design documents for the second phase of mine operation to the EIA examination. However, after 2014, the mine was operated without conducting a new environmental examination.

The expanded open pit area of ​​the second phase of Teghut copper-molybdenum mine is located on the borders of Shnogh and Teghut settlements. The annual productivity of the open pit mine will be 7 million tons, the operation period will be 14 years. The open pit area will be 151.4 hectares, and the landfill area will be 98.2 hectares.

During the operation of the Teghut mine, there were problems related to the emergency condition of the tailing dump. For this reason, the operation of the mine was stopped in 2018. The report says: "The Teghut mine has a high risk of ARD occurrence. Regardless of the outcome of the current situation with respect to the tailing dump and the potential restart of the mine, it is important that the mine has a reliable ARD management plan. GRE recommends the development of a passive mine water treatment program and pilot semi-industrial scale ARD containment in the mine.

It should be noted that acid drainage means that when the ore contains sulfides, acids are formed that decompose heavy metals, forming waste that is aggressive to the environment. They penetrate the soil, groundwater, rivers and lakes at high speed, causing phenomena that are destructive to life. It is known that acid drainage is almost impossible to stop.

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