In Yerevan, Garbage Collection Problem Worsened: Why?

In Yerevan, Garbage Collection Problem Worsened: Why?

For almost a week now, Yerevan residents have been complaining about the poor state of garbage collection in the capital. Garbage bins are cleaned late in the day, which creates an unsanitary condition.

Tigran Avinyan noted, "The obtained equipment should have served for at least 10 years and the rate of deterioration is a cause for great concern. how they handle the equipment, how quickly we organize the repairs. A future development plan should be in place regardless of the current difficulties. This is already a warning that we will not go far with this technique."

According to Deputy Mayor, 4 additional garbage trucks will arrive in Armenia soon.  Reminder: new garbage trucks have been put into operation in Yerevan since 2019.

It should be noted that in Yerevan, garbage accumulations are not only in dumpsters and around them, but also on the streets, in the areas of different owners. In particular, there are piles of garbage on Republic Street, near Republic Square, where the flow of tourists is particularly high. This issue also needs attention.

July 19, 2023 at 16:42