Another Solar Plant To Be Constructed in Dashtadem Settlement

Another Solar Plant To Be Constructed in Dashtadem Settlement

"Solar Land" LLC plans to build a 5 MW solar plant in Dashtadem settlement. The company has submitted to Environment Ministry the preliminary environmental impact assessment (EIA) application for the construction of "Solarland" solar plant.

It should be noted that the largest industrial power plant "Aig-1" of Armenia with a capacity of 200 MW is being built in the administrative area of ​​Dashtadem, which will occupy 547.31 ha of land, including 377.4495 ha in Dashtadem and 169.8614 ha in Talin.

On September 22, 2023, the 2nd public discussion on the EIA application for the construction of a solar plant was held at the residence of tAdministrative Head of Dashtadem settlement of Talin consolidated community, Aragatsotn Region. Arkady Martirosyan. As Administrative Head of Dashtadem, said in his interview with EcoLur. "The hearings took place. We have a preliminary agreement with the company regarding possible social support. Later, we will discuss the mechanisms related to it."

It should be noted that the area of ​​the solar photovoltaic station will occupy 8.5 hectares.

According to the EIA application, there were previously reclaimed stone piles, in the area of​​the EIA application, there is no soil vegetation layer, the maximum size of the possible fertile layer of the soil is 0.05 m.

The time guarantee for the operation of the station is 25 years and 30 years for the substation.


According to the EIA application, the solar plant will have 10,750 solar panels, the total volume of which will be 860 cubic meters. "The generated waste will be collected at the temporary storage of hazardous waste in the territory, after which it will be given to the licensed organization," the application states.

Environmental and Social Mitigation Measures

During the construction and operation of the station, the company plans to allocate 1 million 800 thousand AMD for the implementation of environmental and social mitigation measures. A number of studies and mitigation measures are planned, including:

- Determining the air quality of nearby areas,

- Determining the quality of surface water in areas below the requested area,

- Regularly fulfilling social obligations according to the contract signed with the community,

- Regularly meeting with the community leadership to discuss issues of mutual interest.

Reminder: the share of solar energy production in the energy system is planned to be increased to 15% by 2030 according to "Strategic Plan for Development of RA Energy Sector (until 2040)" adopted by Armenia. For this purpose, solar power plants with a total capacity of 1000 MW including autonomous plants should be built.

September 25, 2023 at 15:59