Household Wastes in Lori Region Won't Be Recycled

Household Wastes in Lori Region Won't Be Recycled


On 23 November the executive approved the concept paper on solid household waste management (SHWM) in Lori Region, which plans to construct one regional sanitary landfill site in Lori Region in line with the EU standards. The new landfill site will collect 95% of the garbage being collected in the region, while all other landfill sites operating in the region in parallel will be closed down. The sanitary landfill site is planned to be constructed within the administrative areas of Ghursaly and Nor Khachakap communities, in the area of 20 ha. The landfill site will be constructed for the perspective of 25 years and will be able to store around 1,050,000 tons of household garbage. The concept paper says nothing about garbage sorting and recycling. “Currently it’s not expedient for the SHWM Company to overload with garbage sorting or recycling functions. Garbage sorting or recycling may be necessary in such business opportunities, when the business entity can enter into relevant legal relations with the SHWM Company and carry out garbage sorting obligating the consumers to provide proper services,” the concept paper says.

18:09 November 27, 2017


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