Tigran Yeghoyan: "Crime Being Committed on Yeghegis River: Calling for NSS's Attention"

Tigran Yeghoyan:


'A new crime is being committed on the Yeghegis River: a cascade of SHPPs is being constructed on the source of the river – 4 SHPPs at once. The riverbed, nature and forest-covered areas are being destroyed. I am calling for NSS's attention to this circumstance,' Tigran Yeghoyan, Director on Organizational Matters at 'Geghastgh' project is beating an alarm signal to EcoLur. He wants to implement agricultural projects in Shatin community, Vayots Dzor Region and has been fighting against SHPPs operating on the Yeghegis River for already one year. Yeghoyan has stated many times that the Yeghegis River is getting dry because of the SHPPs, while it is impossible to implement any agricultural project without water.

Under him, the new SHPPs are being constructed in the section called 'Ttu Jur', where 8 tributaries of the Yeghegis River unite. The farmer claims he demanded both from RA Minister for Territorial Administration and Development and RA Nature Protection Ministry to present the EIAs of the constructed SHPPs, but the documents haven't been presented. 'If there is no EIA, the construction of these SHPPs is illegal,' Tigran Yeghoyan said.

On 4 June, when the Minister for Territorial Administration and Development Suren Papikyan visited Shatin community during the protest demonstration, Yeghoyan raised the problem of constructed SHPPs with the minister. Under him, the minister didn't proceed with the complaint. EcoLur was informed by Ministry for Territorial Administration and Development they are aware of the SHPP problem, but this problem should be discussed with RA Nature Protection Ministry.

Tigran Yeghoyan said he is going to organize a protest demonstration in Shatin demanding to ban the construction of SHPP cascade. It should be mentioned that Shatin residents have also raised the problem of the lack of water in the Yeghegis River mentioning their natural rights are violated in this way.

June 12, 2018 at 19:12