Human Rights Defender Accepted Astghadzor Community Complaint for Consideration

Human Rights Defender Accepted Astghadzor Community Complaint for Consideration


RA Human Rights Defender Aram Tatoyan decided to accept the complaint of Astghadzor Community, Gegharkounik Region sent by EcoLur  for consideration addressed against  “Infrastructure and Rural Finance Support Programme”  implemented with International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)  loaning funds, as Head of Department for Protection of Civil, Socio-Economic and Cultural Rights Armen Mashinyan informed EcoLur. He also informed that filing a complaint to the Defender doesn't suspend the term designed to call upon to court or a competent body for the protection of violated rights and freedoms.

'EcoLur' Informational NGO President Inga Zarafyan informed the staff of RA Human Rights Defender with its complaint letter accepted on 4 September 2018 that Astghadzor villagers, Gegharkounik Region,  are deprived of the opportunity to access water.

It was particularly mentioned that in 2016 the water of Astghadzor river basin was directed to Zolaqar Village, Gegharkounik Region in the frames Republic of Armenia Infrastructure and Rural Finance Support Programme (IRFSP). As a result, the residents of Astghadzor community, who also used to use the water of the Astghadzor River, were left without water. Currently, the villagers are using the water from the wells.

The complainant has also informed that the water redistribution has been carried out with the violation of the rights of Astghadzor community residents. Particularly, no public hearings have been held in the village, the risks of project impact haven't been assessed, no sanitary checks carried out from the water of Astghadzor wells etc. The aforementioned has been confirmed by Astghadzor Community Head as well.

Inga Zarafyan asked the support of the Defender in the solution of the arisen problems. Taking into consideration that the complaint complies with the requirements of Articles 15 and 17 of RA Constitutional Law 'On Human Rights Defender' and guided by Article 19 (1(1)) and Article 20»


1.      To accept Inga Zarafyan's complaint for consideration and to delegate its consideration to Leading Specialist of Department for Protection of Business Interest of Human Rights Defender's Staff Lusine Varosyan.

2. To send the copy of this decision to the complainant.


15:49 October 09, 2018


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