Responses of Relevant Bodies Re Drinking and Irrigation Water Problems in Ararat and Armavir

Responses of Relevant Bodies Re Drinking and Irrigation Water Problems in Ararat and Armavir

Water Committee of RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure responded to EcoLur's inquiry regarding the availability and quality of drinking and irrigation water in Ararat and Armavir Regions. Water Committee also provided the responses of the Armenian Territorial Development Fund, "Armavir" and "Echmiadzin" water user companies, and "Meloriatsia" CJSC.

EcoLur:  Please, inform if the Armavir (Metsamor) wastewater treatment plant has been built?

Territorial Development Fund of Armenia: due to the lack of a specialized operating organization, Water Committee proposed to carry out the improvement works of drainage systems provided by the Project in two stages. Considering the above, the Armavir CSC was excluded from the Project, only the repair of the 1.5 km section of the main sewer main collector with a length of 10.7 km, which was in an emergency condition, was included.

"Armavir" WUC: The water from the sewage system of Metsamor and Armavir towns continues to mix with the water source of the Artashar water station.

EcoLur: whether the issues of developing Law "On Drinking Water", as well as bringing drinking water standards in line with international standards, are on the agenda today and what steps are being taken in this direction?

Water Committee: Clauses 99.4, 102.2, 102.3 and 102.4 of "Implementation of the comprehensive and extended partnership agreement concluded between the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community and their member states" road map approved by Annex 1 of RA Prime Minister's decision N666-L dated on June 1, 2019 include drinking water quality, monitoring, observation system, revision of standards and a number of principle issues, where Water Committee is a co-executor. We suggest contacting the state authorized body to get more detailed information on the revision of drinking water standards and compliance with international standards.

EcoLur: Please, inform whether Getashen district of Hayanist community is included in the service area of ​​"Veolia water" CJSC.

Water Committee: The property of the water supply system of Getashen district of Hayanist community in Ararat Region, Armenia, was not transferred and attached to the Water Committee in the prescribed manner, therefore it was not added to the list of properties accepted for lease by "Veolia Water" CJSC.

EcoLur: "Echmiadzin" WUC proposed to study the reasons for lowering the level of Lake Akna and implement measures to correct the problem, as well as to drill new deep wells. What works have been done in this direction?

"Echmiadzin" WUC: So far, no action has been taken regarding the reasons for the lowering of the water level.

EcoLur: Whether works are being carried out in the direction of replacing the soil beds with an internal irrigation network and reducing water losses as a result?

Territorial Development Fund of Armenia: ...We inform that within the framework of the "Irrigation Systems Modernization" program in 2019-2022, 73 settlements in the Ararat valley were overhauled and currently 167,773 m of intra-economic irrigation networks are being operated.

Response by "Echmiadzin" WUC:  In 2021-2022, with the co-financing of the Eurasian Bank, restoration of 45.6 km of intra-economic networks and 9.7 km of second-class canals were carried out in Echmiadzin WUC. Most of these canals are earthen canals. The rural areas of the communities served by WUCs have underground aquifers.

Response by "Armavir" WUC: In the last two years, about 12 km of the inter-economic canals of Margara, Hatsik and Mrgashat have been reconstructed with "Irrigation Systems Modernization" loan program in the systems operated by Armavir WUC. Semi-tubular canals have been replaced and constructed with a length of about 33 km from the underground canals in the intra-economic system.

Water Committee:  ..about 8,600 hectares of the cultivable lands of the communities of the Ararat Valley are not cultivated due to the lack of an irrigation network.


July 07, 2022 at 17:12