Eventually It Turned Out That SHPP Is Being Constructed in Ohanavan Called Shamiram-1

Eventually It Turned Out That SHPP Is Being Constructed in Ohanavan Called Shamiram-1


The most scandalous event of the recent days is related with the SHPP construction on Aparan-Yerevan canal in Aragatsotn Region. On 6 March the residents of seven villages together with environmental activists went out to oppose to the construction of the SHPP and blocked Yerevan-Aparan road, where the protesters had clashes with the police. EcoLur had a press conference on these events.
“The whole problem was that the people didn’t understand what was happening. The officials said 8 different things in five minutes: We are constructing a SHPP, then we are not constructing a SHPP, as if they were making fun of us,” said MP Lyova Khachatryan, “Yesterday people were just demanding to follow the law, they were asking to show documents, but instead of showing documents they instigated clashes.”
“I would like to ask the Deputy PM to read the laws. If a water usage permit is issues, it’s granted to a concrete company to construct the SHPP,” said Pan-Environmental Front member Levon Galstyan.
'When we returned to Yerevan, the police already had the order to detain some of us, so in Leningradyan street five policement together with 30-40 people in civilian clothes attacked us in front of people, dragged four people into cars and drove to the police station in Ashtarak. You should have seen the eyes of residents and children: the impression was like we were criminals.'
Eventually, it turned out that the SHPP is being constructed in Ohanavan and is called 'Shamiram-1'.

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March 07, 2014 at 21:31

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