Sevan Lake (2012)

Sevan lake

Risk Level: 2

Parameter Data Level
V, mkg/l water 64 2
Se, mkg/l water 26 1
Cu, mkg/l water 21 1
Mg, mg/l water 60 1

Disastrous Condition
Critical Condition
Normal Condition


Vanadium Causing Critical Condition of Lake Sevan

The cause of Lake Sevan critical condition is vanadium.  Under the annual report by “Environmental Impact Monitoring Center” SNCO for 2012, the average annual concentration of vanadium in the samples taken from Lake Sevan exceeded MPC by 6.4 times,  selenium – 2.6, copper – 2.1 and magnesium – 1.2. Thus the concentration of vanadium in the lake made up 64 μg/l, selenium 26, copper 21 and magnesium - 60 μg/l. Under EcoLur’s Ecological Risk Model, such concentration of vanadium only out of the elements mentioned caused critical condition for Lake Sevan.

Lake Sevan Drainage Basin Immediate Impact Zone Specified

Nature protection Ministry Conceals Lake Sevan Shore Cleaning Data

Risk Analysis