"Ashtarak Dzu" LLC Intends to Install Waste Incinerator in Its Industrial Area


The Ministry of Environment is expert examining the the environmental impact assessment of the project on the construction of a waste incinerator submitted by ​​"Ashtarak Dzu" LLC.

The bodies of the birds will be burnt in the fire. Ash will remain after the end of the working cycle. The production area of ​​"Ashtarak Dzu" LLC is located on the border of Aghdzq and Voskehat communities and is actually closer to the residential area of Voskehat Community. There are no historical and cultural monuments or water resources in the vicinity of the production area.

According to the project, the work of the new junction, which will not have a significant and negative impact on the environment, and the near-ground concentrations of gases coming out of the chimney of the waste incinerator will be within the norm.

April 06, 2020 at 20:13