Alarm Signal: Residents of Nor Norq 9 Massiff in Concrete and Cement

Alarm Signal: Residents of Nor Norq 9 Massiff in Concrete and Cement

A large cloud of dust is regularly generated from Yerevan gypsum factory and spreads to the residents' homes, polluting the environment and harming people's health. EcoLur's camera from Vilnius Street, 9th Massiff in Nor Nork, Yerevan, captured the spread of dust emissions from the factory on the surrounding residential area. The gypsum factory is located in Nor Nork administrative district, just 640 meters away from residential buildings on the Jrvezh Highway. There is no protective barrier around the plant area that would prevent emissions from spreading to the residential area.

We learn from the website of Environment Ministry that "Gaj" CJSC, which operates the factory, applied to carry out retrofitting works at the factory back in 2018 and received a positive conclusion on June 1, 2018. According to the document, cement is also produced there.

Under the project, the annual production of gypsum at the plant is 500 thousand tons, as a result of the re-equipment, it is planned to increase it to 250 thousand tons, instead of producing 148 thousand tons of cement. The company, according to the conclusion, had to modernize and add dust removal facilities at 5 more points. In particular, install cyclones with an 80% cleaning degree in the crusher area, modernize the two-stage dust cleaning system in the furnace area, bringing the total efficiency up to 94%, upgrade the efficiency of the cleaning equipment in the grinding workshops, bringing the dust cleaning efficiency up to 98%.

According to the conclusion, as a result of gypsum and cement production in the factory, gypsum, cement and inorganic dust will be emitted into the atmosphere, mainly 7.94 g/s, 198.1 t/year harmful substances of 2-4 hazard class, out of which 84.25 t/year are from gypsum and 113.85 t/year of cement.

EcoLur draws the attention of the Environmental Protection and Mining Inspection Body to this issue by offering to check how well the company complies with emission norms.

June 18, 2023 at 16:27