Alaverdi Copper and Molybdenum Combine Smoke Pipe –Threat for Forests

Alaverdi Copper and Molybdenum Combine Smoke Pipe –Threat for Forests


“All the mountain slopes in Alaverdi are forest-free bushes, which are naturally rhe impact of SO2, sulfur dioxide, emitted from the mining factory (Alaverdi Copper and Molybdenum Combine), as during the roasting of copper ore mainly this gas generates, while SO2 solved in the atmospheric rain water or atmosphere humidity and becomes sulphuric acid, which remains on the leaf and closes the place the leaf uses to breath, and if this phenomenon is continuous, in one or two years this tree or bush comes out of the order physiologically, it gets dry and die,” said Hovik Sayadyan, Head of Foreign Affairs Department of Armenian Agrarian University, Dr. Geographical Sciences, at the press conference at “EcoLur” press club.

Reminder: several years ago Alaverdi Copper and Molybdenum Combine smoke pipe was transferred from the height of 780 meters to the height of 1078 meters, the top of Koshaberd Mount, from where the smoke spread over the forest.

EcoLur asked whether there is any risk for us to lose the forest, as the spoke pipe is, as a matter of fact, in the forest. Hovik Sayadyan answered, “If filters are placed, the risk will minimize, if not, the hazard remains.”

April 17, 2013 at 14:46