“Daranak” SHPP Causing Critical Situation for Daranak River

“Daranak” SHPP Causing Critical Situation for Daranak River


The Daranak River is one of the rivers flowing into Lake Sevan, its length is 6.5 km. The total catchment area makes up 22.2 km2. The river rises from Karakhach top of Sevan mountain range at height of 3063 meters. Many fish species grow in the Daranak River and its tributaries like trout, beghlu etc. “Daranak” SHPP is being constructed on this river by “Vardenis Regional Union of Agroservice” CJSC, under the project its derivation length will be 1729.90 meters.

 Thus, the SHPP will pipe a total river area of 1729.90 meters, which will make up 26.6138462% of the river. Under EcoLur’s Ecological Risk Model, it will cause critical situation for the river.

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April 09, 2014 at 12:04