How Ararat Community Fighting Against Coronavirus Pandemic

How Ararat Community Fighting Against Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic creates a number of new challenges in Ararat urban community, Ararat region: increased unemployment, disruption of employment in health, education and local government sectors. The community hospitals were not ready for the situation caused by the epidemic, there is a lack of specialists. Andrey Harutyunyan, a member of Ararat Community Aldermen’s Council told EcoLur in his interview, "We have new equipment. However, there are few specialists who master them.”

The epidemic affected travelling abroad for jobs. According to Andrey Harutyunyan, 70-80% of those leaving for work remained in the community as a result of the clodedown of the borders. The epidemic also negatively affected the operations of the local self-government body. "We mainly could not hold the meetings of the Aldermen’s Council, quorum was not provided, as one or several members of the Aldermen’s Council were infected," Andrey Harutyunyan said.

Andrey Harutyunyan mentioned that it is necessary, first of all, to know one's own rights and interests in order to face any new challenge and solve any problem. "Every person, starting from school, should be taught what his/her own interest is as a person, resident and citizen," he said.

 Due to the epidemic, the educational sphere in the Ararat community was significantly affected; a number of technical and financial difficulties arose.

In order to mitigate the damage caused by the epidemic, Ararat Town Community provided food to people in isolation because of the epidemic. "The community has provided support to socially vulnerable families. Annually that support ranges from 800,000 to 1 million AMD: about 30-40 people are beneficiaries," Andrey Harutyunyan said.

The horrors of war added to the challenges caused by the epidemic in the fall of 2020. According to Andrey Harutyunyan, 670 citizens took refuge in Ararat community during the war, some of whom returned to Artsakh after the ceasefire. Ararat also has a number of environmental problems, caused by the production enterprises operating in the community, Ararat Gold Mining Factory and Cement Plant.

Out of these enterprises, "GeoProMining Gold" LLC provided packages to the residents of Ararat community during the epidemic.

February 02, 2021 at 18:07