Botanical Garden Reviving

Botanical Garden Reviving

Renovation works have been underway at Yerevan Botanical Garden for several months now.

With support of WWF and GIZ, the park's eco-educational center has been successfully rebuilt, which may soon be equipped with modern solutions and will enable arranging summer schools, scientific-popular courses. The central greenhouse will also be partially repaired, the broken glass will be replaced with new ones, and biotopes will be improved: narrow paths at the border of biotopes will be restored, trees will undergo deep pruning and branches hindering glasses will be removed.

With the financing of Karen and Mikayel Vardanyans, the irrigation network in the 13 hectares of the geographical collection land areas in the park (Caucasus, East Asia, Eurosiberia, North America) will be reconstructed, which was completely obsolete and did not serve its purpose. A deep pump will be installed, which will provide permanent water supply and significant savings of irrigation water, as the Institute of Botany informs.

Photo Credit: Institute of Botany

August 13, 2020 at 15:40