EcoLur's Inquiry and Gyumri Municipality Response to Measures Implemented within "Gyumri City Roads" Project

EcoLur's Inquiry and Gyumri Municipality Response to Measures Implemented within "Gyumri City Roads" Project

On March 20, 2023, "EcoLur" Informational NGO sent a letter to Gyumri Mayor Vardges Samsonyan to find out what activities were carried out in Gyumri within the framework of "Gyumri City Roads" project. The inquiry noted:

"With the financial support of the Bank of Reconstruction and Development, the project "Gyumri City Roads" was implemented in Gyumri. The total cost of the project, according to the EBRD website, totals to EUR 21.9 million, out of which EUR 14.6 million was provided by the EBRD as a sovereign loan.

By the decision of RA Government of December 9, 2017, in order to fully fulfill the obligations undertaken in 2022 within "Gyumri City Roads" project, RA Government provided 948 million 312.8 thousand AMD for the reconstruction of the network of pedestrian crossings and the drainage system of selected streets in Gyumri, whereas 325 million 129 thousand AMD was provided in 2022 according to decision 1695-N of November 3, 2022, out of which 275 million 697 thousand AMD are for direct grant payments and 49 million 433 thousand AMD was designed as co-financing. Funds are intended for the capital repair of buildings and structures, as well as the purchase of machines and equipment.

In accordance with Article 6 of the RA Law "On Freedom of Information", please inform:

• Whether all the streets mentioned in the environmental and social impact assessment document of "Gyumri City Roads" project have been renovated, or there are streets where renovation and lighting modernization works are ongoing? Whether new streets have been added? If there are still streets to be repaired, please mention them.

• What buildings will be repaired with the funds provided by RA government, what machines and equipment will be purchased and for what purpose?

• How much greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced since the start of "Gyumri City Roads" project?

In response to EcoLur's inquiry, Gyumri Municipality informed in its letter dated on March 24, 2023:

The major repair works on the streets and squares presented in the environmental and social impact assessment report of "Gyumri City Roads" project have been completed. The overhaul of the mentioned streets and squares was carried out within the framework of Tranche A of the Project.

- With the funds provided according to the decisions of the government mentioned in the survey, the overhaul works of 22 streets and 1 square of Gyumri City were carried out, within the framework of the three installments of Tranche B of the Project, as well as the modernization of the external lighting system. The street lighting system has been modernized in all streets and squares. The drainage systems of the mentioned streets were repaired or completely replaced, and road furniture was made.

- There is no assessment of reduction of greenhouse gas emissions within the project."

April 04, 2023 at 12:24