Strong Communication, Strong Communities: "Covenant Of Mayors" Develops Capacities of Municipalities

Strong Communication, Strong Communities: "Covenant Of Mayors" Develops Capacities of Municipalities

"Covenant of Mayors East" project of the European Commission held a training seminar on "Strengthening the role of communication of the communities that are members of the Covenant" in Yerevan.

Communication specialists of several municipalities participated in the seminar.  "Covenant of Mayors for Local Climate and Energy Action" is the first and largest community-based movement initiated by the European Commission.

Artem Kharazyan, an expert of "Covenant of Mayors East" project, noted that currently 30 communities are members of the Covenant in Armenia, our of which 15 have an active status and 15 have a suspended status.

13 communities have already developed their "Sustainable Energy Development and Climate Protection Action Plan", which is a mandatory condition of the Covenant. Five more action plans are under development.

"Sustainable Energy Development and Climate Protection Action Plan" is the main tool that defines how the community will ensure the fulfillment of its commitments to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 30% by 2030.

Inga Zarafyan, President of EcoLur, presented the role of civil society organizations in communication, noting that EcoLur has experience working in about 270 villages and cities.

"The main function of urban society is to change people's thinking in order to build a harmonious relationship between humans and nature. Here, the problems of the communication strategy are to define the main platforms and tools of communication with audiences, to cooperate with mass media, to ensure diversity and pluralism, to encourage active people in communities," Inga Zarafyan said. She mentioned the importance of international cooperation in solving global environmental problems, especially in the fields of climate change and energy.

Monika Yeritsyan presented the features of covering the climate and energy sectors.

"We work with the communities, we try to make their voices heard, publicize them so that they can be a full participant in the decision-making process. By communicating about climate change, we raise awareness and mobilize society to face the climate crisis, where everyone can play a role. We should be the source of information that the reader will trust and believe," Monika Yeritsyan noted.

Tatevik Harutyunyan, Communication Expert of "Covenant of Mayors East" project, noted, that the Charter supports the implementation of sustainable energy policies and supports communities in climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Co-founder of "SPRING PR" company, Associate Professor of YSU Social Work and Social Technologies Chair, Nona Melkonyan mentioned that public relations is about trust.

Cyber security analyst Samvel Martirosyan presented the principles of safe communication in the digital world, as well as how to create a brand in social media.

December 26, 2023 at 11:15

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