Green Energy Development Programs in Armenian Communities

Green Energy Development Programs in Armenian Communities

What programs are being implemented in Armenia aimed at the development of renewable energy, increasing energy efficiency and energy saving?: the experts covered these topics at "Sustainable Community Energy Development" conference, the main audience of which was the "Covenant of Mayors" communities.


Vahram Jalalyan, the head of the UNDP-GCF project “Reducing the risks of investments aimed at energy efficient retrofits of buildings”, spoke about the main goals and achievements of the project. Support was provided for the establishment of the energy manager institute in Yerevan, Stepanavan and Alaverdi communities. Indicators related to the energy management of 300 public buildings in Yerevan were collected and developed. During 2020-2023, 16 communities were provided with technical support and co-financing for the thermal modernization of 140 buildings.

Astghine Pasoyan, USAID Armenia's Energy efficiency policy development expert at the Energy Secure Armenia, presented the program "Principles of community energy planning and management, renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions in Gyumri".

"As a result of the project, there should be a report of energy costs in Gyumri, data so that we can find the problems and arrange the priorities correctly. Two sectors, renewable energy and energy saving, were considered," Astghine Pasoyan said.

Nune Sakanyan, Energy efficiency objective lead/ Consultant at the Energy Secure Armenia, presented the community capacity development needs assessment and the community capacity development plan. 

"When implementing any energy project, it is necessary to carry out calculations. However, 72 percent of the 69 surveyed communities do not have an energy information base, 77 percent do not have an energy manager. 80 percent of communities have experience in energy efficiency measures, mainly urban lighting modernization," Nune Sakanyan said.

July 06, 2023 at 16:15