From Policy to Implementation Scenarios - Long-Term Low Emission Development Strategy of Armenia

From Policy to Implementation Scenarios - Long-Term Low Emission Development Strategy of Armenia

On April 30 a workshop titled “Long-Term Low Emission Development Strategy: implementation prospects and opportunities” was held in the frames of UNDP “Climate Promise Armenia - From Pledge to Impact” project.

The workshop aimed at presenting to the national stakeholders and development partners the recently adopted Long-Term Low Emission Development Strategy (LT-LEDS) of Armenia, the early findings of assessments on socio-economic and environmental co-effects, as well as on investment and technology transfer opportunities of the LT-LEDS implementation being conducted under the project.  

Konstantin Sokulskiy, Deputy Resident Representative of UNDP in Armenia welcomed the participants of the event, emphasizing the fundamental contribution of the Strategy to the climate agenda of the country. 

“The effective implementation of LT-LEDS relies on the right financial, institutional and technological components. Ensuring this will improve the living conditions of local communities in terms of economic growth, social welfare, preservation of environment, and improved security,” mentioned Mr. Sokulskiy.

“Armenia is among the most vulnerable countries to climate change in the Europe and Central Asia region. This reality escalates the urgency for effective and innovative responses. In this regard, Armenia's LT-LEDS showcases country’s leadership in climate governance. Within Climate Promise, NDC Partnership not only envisions a net-zero future but also provides Armenia with essential tools for implementing its long-term strategy”, said Ms. Viktoriia Yashkina, Regional Climate Change Specialist, Climate Promise Country Coordinator, in her opening speech.

On behalf of the Ministry of Environment, Ms. Marina Saribekyan from Climate Policy Department highly appreciated the continuous effective cooperation with UNDP in Armenia, stating, “The adoption of LT-LEDS will ensure a long-term agenda for the realization of climate commitments, provide early and predictable signals for investors and economy sectors in planning long-term activities, harmonize development goals with climate actions and ensure adherence to technological progression.”

Mr. Putera Zenata, NDC Partnership Regional Program Officer delivered details on NDC Partnership mission, support mechanisms, thematic support for NDC and LT-LEDS enhancement and alignment and the engagement activities in Armenia.

The national climate policy framework under Paris Agreement, namely, the country’s international commitments, the scope and goals and targets of LT-LEDS, scenarios of its implementation, as well as the main activities in energy, agriculture, forest and land sectors were presented by Artak Baghdasaryan from Climate Promise project. 

The discussion was followed by presentations of UNDP in Armenia contractor companies focusing on social, economic and environmental impact assessment of LT-LEDS implementation and the technology transfer projects and investment opportunities in Armenia.

May 06, 2024 at 12:43