Yeghegnut: Problems and Visions of Development Presented by Residents

Yeghegnut: Problems and Visions of Development Presented by Residents

Yeghegnut village is located in Pambak consolidated community in Lori Region: the village is mainly engaged in agriculture. Production and yield are highly dependent on weather conditions.

Within the framework of “Living Landscapes for Market Development in Armenia” (LILA) project the residents told Ecolur that the climate exerts a negative impact on agriculture. "Towards autumn, the water coming from the mountains decreases. There is a lot of rain in May-June, which damages the plants, because they are rotting," the residents said, adding that their village needs greenhouses and anti-hail nets.

According to the residents, the benefits from animal husbandry are few.

The implementation of tree planting in the village is also important, they state that they have an area, only financing or provision of saplings is needed.

Yeghegnut residents also associate the development prospects of their village with the development of tourism. The village has cross stones, a chapel and a church. The remains of the walls of the fortress of the 2nd-1st millennia BC, a tomb, a tombstone and a winged cross, settlements and a fortress of the 4th-3rd millennia BC, medieval villages have been preserved in the village.

Photo Vredit: Mane Hakobyan

Yeghegnut school teacher Ruzanna Harutyunyan noted that it is possible to organize horse races, build tents, and create tourist trails and routes in the village.

Bad and dangerous roads hinder the development of tourism in Yeghegnut. "We have a very beautiful waterfall, but you have to overcome a rather difficult path in order to be able get to that waterfall. The same goes for our church, which is outside the village, and the road to get there is quite dangerous again. We are used to it, we grew up here, but it is very dangerous for a tourist, and we cannot take that responsibility on ourselves," Yeghegnut resident Mane Hakobyan outlined.

"Living Landscapes for Market Development in Armenia" project is funded by the Swiss government through the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). It is implemented by WWF Armenia together with “Strategic Development Agency” NGO in partnership with “EcoLur” Informational NGO. 

May 29, 2024 at 13:02