Response of Nature Protection Ministry to Resolution Adopted in "Industrial Pollution in Lori Region" Conference

Response of Nature Protection Ministry to Resolution Adopted in


On 13 March 2019, EcoLur received the response of the resolution addressed to Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan as a result of in "Industrial Pollution in Lori Region" Conference from Chief Secretary of RA Nature Protection Ministry, Vahe Jilavyan.

On 18 December 2018, "Industrial Pollution in Lori Region" Conference was held in Yerevan organized by Czech 'Arnika' organization,  'Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment' and 'EcoLur' Information NGOs. The participants of "Industrial Pollution in Lori Region" conference adopted a resolution on the environmental pollution because of mining in Alaverdi, Akhtala and Shnogh communities and dangers threatening health in Lori Region, which has been dispatched to the competent departments of the government.

The letter of RA Nature Protection Ministry says, ''In reply to your letter dated on 19 December 2018 addressed to the Prime Minister I would like to inform that the new program of the government was approved with the governmental resolution N 65-Ա dated on 8 February 2019. Given the priorities laid down in the Environment section of this program, the newly developed action plan of the government for 2019-2020 envisages taking measures aimed at the solution of the problems raised in your letter, particularly:

-Effective management of land resources, development, and implementation of a policy aimed at the prevention and reduction of soil pollution and degradation.

- Promotion of applying contemporary mechanisms for the closedown (reclaiming) of mines.

- Ecologically safe management of chemical substances and wastes (including those of soil management).

- Effective implementation of expert assessment of environmental impact.

- Introduction of a unified and up-to-date system of environmental monitoring permits and licenses, systematized management of primary information.

-  Introduction of a flexible system of economic mechanisms and leverages of environmental leverages, development, and introduction of innovative mechanisms of joint financing together with international bodies (including those of mechanism of the settlement of obligations within environmental programmes) etc.

The matters related to the effective and air-proof collection and neutralization of dust and hazardous substances and compounds emitted into the atmosphere, as well as the introduction of systems preventing leaks are regulated with Article 15 of RA Law 'On Preservation of Atmospheric Air.'

March 21, 2019 at 17:39