EcoLur: Elimination Nature is Self-Elimination

EcoLur: Elimination Nature is Self-Elimination

The new challenges posed by the military aggression unleashed by Turkey and Azerbaijan against Artsakh and Armenia because of heavy losses, and finally the Russian-Azerbaijani-Armenian trilateral statement led to the deepening of controversy among the society. 

On the one hand, patriotic calls, on the other hand, the current turmoil, the struggle for power against this background, silence the calls to take urgent, long-term measures to get out of this difficult situation.

Calls for the need for a civic agenda find their supporters, but without an active, visible start. It is hindered by the extremely active PR activities of the authorities and the opposition, which addresses the most painful issues: the handover of territories inhabited by Armenians, the death of participants in the military actions, barbaric treatment of cultural, historical and religious heritage, the fate of refugees and their settlement problems, rehabilitation of the participants in the military actions and the providing support to the families of the victims.

The government appeals to citizens, but does not enter into a dialogue with an active civil society. That dialogue actually came to a halt after a trilateral statement during the military actions.

EcoLur is resuming its core activities, investigating environmental and health issues, continues to receive alarm signals and calls on government agencies responsible for environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources, protection of human health and their well-being, fully to perform their duties without reference to martial law. We remind you that the destruction of nature is a crime, everyone who is involved in this crime must be held accountable before the law and the people.

November 19, 2020 at 13:19