New Film about Disaster in Ararat Valley and Lake Sevan: Premere at EcoLur

New Film about Disaster in Ararat Valley and Lake Sevan: Premere at EcoLur


The criminal activities of the government towards water resources lead to the disaster in Ararat Valley. The Ararat Valley is already using its irrecoverable water resources. The Nature Protection Ministry has issued water usage permits to fish farms in the amount of 1.496 billion cum of underground waters, which is by 300 million cum more than recoverable reserves. 122 wells out of 303 got dried out during seven years. The springs got dried out. The watercourse of Akna Lake got reduced by 75%. 6200 ha of land areas were left almost without water.

The heavy situation was used as a cause of the increase in water outlets from Lake Sevan, which will lead to another disaster leaving us without strategic reserves of freshwater. This governmental resolution was approved by the National Assembly of Armenia. What happened in Ararat Valley, as a matter of fact? Why several villages in Ararat and Armavir regions are left without water and where does this water flow to? Whether the water outlets from Lake Sevan are needed and who for? These and other problems are presented in EcoLur’s new film entitled “Biblical Disaster”.

The film premiere and discussion will be held on 4 July, at 11:00, at EcoLur Press Club. We are inviting all stakeholders. Your proposals on this issue will be included in the proposal package, which will be sent to National assembly and Armenian Government.

Nikolay Davtyan, Victoria Burnazyan, Monica Yeritsyan, Tatevik Grigoryan, Gagik Kochinyan and Inga Zarafyan took part in filmmaking.

July 03, 2014 at 11:35

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