Public Environmental Court To Examine Case "On Violations of Forest Ecosystem in Armenia"

Public Environmental Court To Examine Case


The Public Environmental Court will examine the case on Violations in Forest Ecosystem in Armenia at Karin Hall, “Ibis” Hotel (5/1 Northern Avenue, Yerevan), at 12:00 on 9 April. Under the conditions of poor forest management by the competent bodies in forest sector such as poor use, supervision, control, registration and corruption risks, Armenia has a loss of forest-covered areas, degradation of forest areas, replacement of high-value tree species with low-value species, loss of unique forest landscapes and biodiversity, activation of erosion and landslide processes and drying up of springs.

The participation and responsibility for this situation of the competent state bodies such as those of the Armenian Government, RA Nature Protection Ministry, RA Agriculture Ministry, RA Environmental and Mining Inspection Body, Forest Committee, ArmForest SCNO and law enforcement bodies will be discussed in the course of this public proceedings.

13:13 April 08, 2019


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