“Healthy Hrazdan” Initiative’s Statement on Letting out Forest Areas

“Healthy Hrazdan” Initiative’s Statement on Letting out Forest Areas

"Healthy Hrazdan" civil initiative made a statement calling to stop the process of letting out forest lands and degrading them. The members of the initiative speak out about unsuccessful attempts to let out forest land areas in Kotayk Region.

Forestry Committee issued a statement on February 18, which says:

"The Forestry Committee invites all entities to participate in the tender for the letting out of state forest lands for recreation and tourism purposes in the following areas:

"Healthy Hrazdan" initiative wrote in its statement in this regard.

"Some considerations for the protection, care and improvement of the forests in Tsaghkadzor community and nearby regions.

a. Urge the government to return the illegally privatized forest lands to the category of forest lands by 2018 and attach them to the forestry operations of "ArmForest" NOC.

b. In order to obtain a clear forest mass, most of the forests regenerated naturally after the irregular deforestation of the 1990s are subject to natural clearing.

c. It is necessary to completely exclude the process of renting out forests by hectares, which is actively used recently, and which are on the balance sheets of forestry enterprises. In such areas, it is allowed to build and furnish cabins and food stalls for recreation and entertainment, excluding the possibility of capital construction.

d. It is necessary to urge Environment Ministry to clarify the fate of the 4.5 hectares of Meghradzor pine forest area in the list of special protected areas of Armenia, because now there are only 4-5 pines in the mentioned special protected area, which has been in a state of neglect for many years.

e. It is necessary to draw the special attention of Environmental Protection and Mining Inspection Body and the Urban Development Department to the application of the provision of the current law, according to which, when carrying out construction works in these areas by the owners of natural forest areas, the requirement to build up to 40% of the area must be strictly observed.

"Healthy Hrazdan" civil initiative

Movses Manukyan

Arsen Arsenyan

Anahit Mnatsakanyan

 Ashot Ohanyan".

April 04, 2023 at 13:13