Danielyans Family Living Next to Nahatak Tailing Dump Has new House, But Can't Move in

Danielyans Family Living Next to Nahatak Tailing Dump Has new House, But Can't Move in


The Danielyan family living next to Nahatak tailing dump in of Mets Ayrum Village, Lori Region, has a new house. In his interview with EcoLur, Harutyun Danielyan mentioned that "Akhtala Mining and Processing Plant" CJSC, which operates Nahatak tailing dump, bought his house, and with the money paid, they bought another house in the village.

“I found the house at the end of the village on the mountains. It is about one kilometer away from the tailing dump. There is no bathroom, no toilet, everything has to be equipped. So far, the landlord is in. He had to go to Russia, the factory delayed the money, we fell under the lockdown, he didn't go. The whole deal is done. The factory paid me $ 6,000. They told me this is what they could pay. In order to move out of this place, I agreed. The whole house sale is over. Now we are waiting for the plane to run so as the previous owner can leave the home,” Harutyun Danielyan said.

According to Danielyan, the new home was purchased for $7,000. No matter how much he demanded the same amount of money from the combine, they disagreed. "Then I said that I will dismantle the material of my house, sell it, make my thousand dollars, give it to those people. And now they say that my house is theirs, you can't dismantle anything there.' Danielyan said.  A few days ago, the representatives of Akhtala Mining Company visited them demanding to vacate the house belonging to the plant. “They told me to move out in a few days. But I can't go now. I asked for the time. Now they have given me 15 days,” he said.

Photo Credit: Centre for Community Mobilization and Support

April 03, 2020 at 19:58