'Mego Gold' LLC Intends to Unite Three Tailing Dumps of Tukhmanuk Gold Mine

'Mego Gold' LLC Intends to Unite Three Tailing Dumps of Tukhmanuk Gold Mine


On 9 September, at 12:00, the public hearings of “Re-equipment of Ore Dressing Plant of Tukhmanuk Gold Mine Mining Complex, Aragatsotn Region, protection dam of the tailing dump and temporary dry warehouse of tails” project submitted by 'Mego Gold' LLC will be held in Meliqgyugh Rural Municipality, Aragatsotn Region, at 12:00 on 9 September.

According to the project, the area allotted for Tukhmanuk Gold Mine is located within the administrative borders of Meliqgyugh village, Aragatsotn Region, in a distance of 1.5-2 km from the village.

The following activities are planned:

Expansion of ore dressing plant and modernization of flotation system

Increase in the security of the tailing dump through constructing new dams

Construction of a warehouse for dry tails

Expansion of the ore dressing plant

The building and internal equipment of the plant will undergo rehabilitation and modernization. As a result of re-equipment, the planned productivity will account for 306,000 tons per year.

Due to combined gold extraction method – gravitation and flotation, 87.5% gold will be extracted from the ore.

The estimated reserves in Central section of Tukhmanuk Gold Mine in C1+C2 class contain 35613.93 kg of gold and 107009.0 kg of silver.

The expansion of the plant will be carried out in the administrative area of Meliqgyugh in the area of 6-7 ha.

Construction of a warehouse for dry tails: it’s planned to construct an interim warehouse for the dry tails next to the plant, which will enable to transfer and reprocess the gravitation tails. According to the estimates, the volume of dry storage will account for around 78000 cum, while the area needed for dry storage will make up 2.0 ha.

Increase in the security of the tailing dumps through the construction of new dams: As a result of ore dressing plant operation, three tailing dumps will be construction for the storage of the tails, where currently 65000 cum of tails have been accumulated.

Since 2013 the tailing dumps haven’t been operated because of the volume exhaustion. Given the bad repair of the tailing dumps and the urgency of a new tailing dump, there is need to unite three tailing dumps thus creating additional volume of 140,000 m3, while the dam needs to be constructed by another 2 meters thus ensuring a volume of 170,000-180,000 m3.

The area of reconstructed tailing dumps will account for around 4.85 ha. The total area, including entrance ground roads needed for the construction of the complex, makes up 9.35 ha.

It should be mentioned that 'Mego Gold' LLC intends to re-equip the mining complex of Tukhmanuk mine, which is located in 9-magnitude seismic zone.

August 27, 2015 at 14:47