Armavir Regional Head: Water Problem is National Safety Problem

Armavir Regional Head: Water Problem is National Safety Problem


Armavir Regional Head Hambardzum Matevosyan presented the problems and perspectives of Armavir Region to EcoLur. According to him, the most urgent problem in the region consisting of 97 communities is the problem with the water: ‘The water problem is a problem of national safety, which has a direct relation with social and economic problems,’ Regional Head said.

On Reservoirs

Around 10200 ha of land area is not developed because of the lack of irrigation water and the absence of the irrigation network in the region. For the purpose of solving this problem the following measures shall be taken: construction and rehabilitation of intra-household networks, drilling new deep wells, the rehabilitation of the existing ones and the construction of reservoirs. The optimal supply and effective use of the water is not less important, as well as gradual passage to alternative water supply system,’ Hambardzum Matevosyan said.

On Water Quality

‘We experience serious problems with the water quality:  water stiffness level is rather high and it can’t almost be used for drinking. Many people get water from the artesian wells. The water is salinated as many cleaning stations don’t operate, we are trying to solve this problem,’ Armavir Regional Head noted.

On Water Deficit

“I don’t think we have a water deficit. Deficit is the result of the poor management of water. The intensively developed fish farming in Ararat Valley is exhausting the water resources in the artesian basin. There are fish farms, which illegally and ruthlessly make use of the spring water. These fish farms shall be closed down irregardless of the decision made, we should take into consideration both the business and agricultural interests.”

On Problem with Sewage

‘We have problems with sewage in Metsamor, Zartonq and Artashar communities. In the past we had lethal cases because of cholera. Now we are trying to give a solution to this problem through the program implemented with the governmental support,’ Regional Head said.

On Armenian Nuclear Power Plant

I entirely support discussing all the problems and programs related to the ANPP with the public, especially in those communities, which are located in the ANPP impact zone. A public opinion should be to see where we go, how we relate the risks related to the ANPP etc. Armenian citizens shall have a right to having a public discussion and expressing their opinion and the government shall take this opinion into consideration,’ Hambardzum Matevosyan noted.

On Perspectives

“I have focused on the investments in all the sectors which will create working places and common interest. We need new technologies. I intends to establish a garbage recycling center, which won’t generate wastes, the final product will be liquid which will be used in asphalt.’ 

18:40 December 06, 2018


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