Worries of Khoronq Adjacent to ANPP

Worries of Khoronq Adjacent to ANPP

EcoLur presents the results of the study conducted in Khoronq Community, Armavir Region, in connection with the impact of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant (ANPP), emergency preparedness, awareness of safety measures, participation in decision-making and the social issues in the community.

In Khoronq, 7 km away from the nuclear power plant, which has 3020 residents, there are no shelters, whereas basements are planned as a hideout. "We have more than 200 basements. Residents will be accommodated, but it will not help. All the basements has a window,” Khoronq Mayor Sargis Nahapetyan said in his conversation with EcoLur.

Several residents mentioned that their basements are without windows and are provided with water.

Khoronq Community Head considered the construction of shelters in accordance with all the standards in their region and the implementation of radiation impact monitoring as a priority.

"We have to prepare for everything: build strong bunker systems so that we can support people," he said.

Only gas masks are available to ensure the safety of radiation in Khoronq. "We have gas masks, but they are around 10 years old, and only in the number of 20-30 items," Sargis Nahapetyan said.

Residents said they did not have the necessary radiation safety equipment in their homes. Awareness-raising leaflets were posted in crowded places and bus stops in Khoronq to protect the community from possible radiation hazards. They contained information on the sequence of steps in the event of an alarm signal.

According to the residents, they have never participated in the discussion of issues related to the nuclear safety of the ANPP. The residents did not witness or participate in the ANPP-community dialogue that is why they neither denied nor confirmed the possible cooperation with the representatives of the nuclear power plant.

The residents of Khoronq pointed out as problems of the community adjacent to the ANPP, that Khoronq does not have the status of an ANPP-affected community, there are no subsidies for electricity supply and consumption, there is no support provided by the ANPP to the community, no monitoring is carried out by the ANPP to assess its radiation level on population health, quality of products. They are proposing to reduce electricity tariffs for the community adjacent to the plant.

Khoronq Community Head mentioned that they once applied for a reduction of the electricity tariff, but were rejected. "After all, it had to be discounted. It is this community that feeds the whole of Armenia with vegetables. We spend electricity of 25-26 million AMD from January to April. We have a 110-hectare greenhouse. Our village produces 100 tons a day, it is the most powerful village for vegetable production," the head of the community said.

November 30, 2020 at 13:06