To What Extent Ferik Is Protected against Radiation Dangers?

To What Extent Ferik Is Protected against Radiation Dangers?

EcoLur presents the results of the study conducted in Ferik Community, Armavir Region, in connection with the impact of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant (ANPP), emergency preparedness, awareness of safety measures, and participation in decision-making and social issues in the community.

Adjacent to ANPP - Void of Means of Protection

The cultivated lands of the Yezidi community in Ferik with 370 inhabitants are about 2-3 km away from the ANPP. Ferrick has no fallout shelter: only the basements of the residents can serve as a hiding place.

"We have about 100 households, half of which have basements. They are quite large, about 20-30 square meters. The first floor of the house is basement, it is underground. They have small windows, but they are not hermetically sealed,” Ferik Community Head Rustam Hasanyan said in his conversation with EcoLur.

The community lacks the first necessary items for radiation safety: gas masks, muzzles, iodine preparations. "We were not provided with," Community Head said. An evacuation plan is available in Ferik in the event of a nuclear threat, but is only available to Municipality staff. There is no alarm system. Rustam Hasanyan mentioned that from time to time the community is visited by the Ministry of Emergency Situations. "They visit us and we present documents on how many meters each basement is, how many people will be accommodated, how many cars there are in the community."

If necessary, according to Community Head, the residents shall be evacuated to Aparan, but the inter-community roads are in a poor condition, which can cause difficulties in organizing a quick evacuation in case of danger.

Both the Community Head and the respondents attached value to recognizing Ferik as an affected community and providing support. "Radiation affects the health of the population. We are next to the nuclear power plant, we breathe in this air," the residents said. "There is no support to the community from the ANPP. No monitoring… If we are close, our electricity should be cheaper than the others," Ferik Community Head Rustam Hasanyan said.

Ferik offers to:

• Give the community the status of an ANPP-affected community

• Provide subsidies for electricity supply and consumption

• Provide protection to the community, solve the issue with fallout shelters

• Improve roads.

December 01, 2020 at 15:11