After Break of 156 Days ANPP Joined RA Energetic System

After Break of 156 Days ANPP Joined RA Energetic System

On October 17, 2021 following outage of 156 days in 2021 the ANPP Unit 2 was started and connected to the RA unified power grid, as the official website of ANPP informs.

Employees of almost all the subdivisions of the Armenian NPP, as well as about 600 specialists from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries participated in the activities.

One of the most essential processes of Outage-2021 was the annealing of Unit 2 reactor vessel metal. It was successfully implemented at the ANPP and will contribute to Unit 2 design life extension and safety improvement.

During the long-lasting shutdown of the unit, activities on modernization of the major safety systems, namely, Emergency Core Cooling System, Spray System, Reliable Power Supply System, In-Core Process Monitoring System and Computer Information Systems have been implemented as well.

With participation of the specialists of the "Rusatom Service" JSC and involved contractors, as well as the plant staff, exclusive and unprecedentedly large-scope activities in the ANPP history have been implemented, in particular, installation of about 730m pipelines and about 270 items of valves, making 420 new joint welds, as well as non-destructive testing of about 4700 weld seams, laying and installation of about 42km long cables.

In parallel with the activities of the final stage of the ANPP Unit 2 design life extension, outage activities were being performed, specifically, general overhaul of about 520 items of equipment, as well as intermediate and routine maintenance of about 330 items of equipment, etc.

October 18, 2021 at 11:19