Lake Sevan Blooming: Fish Reserves Reduced

Lake Sevan Blooming: Fish Reserves Reduced


Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) have been observed in Lake Sanaa, and the initial stages of the lake's blooming have already begun, as RA Deputy Environment Minister Irina Ghaplanyan said at the press conference held on June 2. She mentioned three main reasons for the lake blooming: lowering the level of the lake, accumulation of organic matter in the lake and global warming.

"We are actually entering the stage of lake waterlogging, which is dangerous."If we can't prevent the influx of organic matter into the lake, we can actually lose the lake," she said.

Irina Ghaplanan emphasized that the Armenian government has made a decision on the order of industrial hunting in Lake Sevan. According to the draft, industrial fishing for no less than 500 grams of whitefish will be allowed within 200 tons, and fishing for the carp will be unlimited.

Position of Scientists EcoLur asked scientists to comment on the draft decision on industrial hunting in Lake Sevan.

Bardukh Gabrielyan, Director of Scientific Center of Zoology and Hydroecology of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, noted that fish stocks in Lake Sevan have decreased. According to estimates, if in 2018 the industrial reserves of whitefish in the lake was estimated at about 740 tons, then in 2019 it decreased by 9.5% to 660 tons. The stock of carp has also decreased. In 2019, the biomass of industrial crayfish has sharply decreased. It was 11 times less than in 2018.

June 02, 2020 at 11:35