What To Do in Case of Collapse of Dams in Spandaryan and Geghi Reservoirs and Damae of Nahatak Tailing Dump: MES Training Session

What To Do in Case of Collapse of Dams in Spandaryan and Geghi Reservoirs and Damae of Nahatak Tailing Dump: MES Training Session


The Rescue Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations held field trainings in Akhtala community on November 1, in Kapan on October 30, in Sisian on October 29 with the support of “Disaster Risk Reduction National Platform” fund.

The field trainings on the “Implementation of Civil Defense Operations in case of the Damage of the Second Dam of Nahatak Tailing Dump and Collapse of the stronghold of the Reservoirs of Geghi and Spendaryan in case of Earthquakes and Strong Earthquake” were particularly held in Sisian, Balak, Shaghat, Uits, Vorotnavan, as well as in Akhtala, Bendik, Chochkan, Mets Ayrum, Pokr Ayrum, Shamlugh, Neghots residents.

The trainings were organized in the framework of “Disaster Risk Reduction Alliance” (ALTER) project funded by the European Union.

Representatives from the Civil Defense and Organization of Disaster Consequences Elimination Divisions, Syunik, Lori Regional Rescue Departments, Sisian and Kapan Community Fire and Rescue Squads of the Rescue Service of MES, police officers from Sisian, Kapan communities and Akhtala squad of “Special Mountaineering Rescue Service” CJSC, representatives from Syunik and Lori Provincial Administrations, Sisian (Sisian, Balak, Shaghat, Uits, Vorotnavan), Kapan and Akhtala (Akhtala, Bendik, Chochkan, Mets Ayrum, Pokr Ayrum, Shamlugh, Neghots) communities and residents, “Disaster Risk Reduction National Platform” fund, “Contour Global Hydro-cascade” CJSC, “Zangezur Copper Molybdenum Combine” CJSC, “Chaarat Kapan” CJSC, “Akhtala Ore Processing Combine” CJSC, “Veolia jur” CJSC, “Gazprom Armenia” CJSC, “Armenian electric Networks” CJSC, from community medical institutions, pre-school educational institutions, other educational institutions, as well as foreign partners of ALTER project and the members of the coordinating group took part in the operations.

The aim of the field training was to experiment the plans of acting in emergency situations of Akhtala community and Disaster Risk Management plans of Sisian and Kapan communities, to review the operations envisaged by the organizations and structures included in civil defense system, to improve public awareness, assessment of the situation, the skills of the staffs of the subdivisions responding in the application of the means of medical aid and special equipment during the search and rescue and urgent accident recovery activities, as well as to organize the harmonious work with volunteer groups and the implementation of practical operations according to the importance of the forces.

During the training intermediates of the implementation of urgent accident recovery and search and rescue activities, exchange of information, evacuation of the local self-governing bodies, subdivisions and territorial bodies of the state management system, evacuation of the population, assessment of the situation and public awareness were raffled in practice.

Scenarios, which were precedents, were raffled. Particularly territorial bodies and subdivisions of the state management system, self-governing bodies and a number of educational institutions situated in the potential flood zone in case of the collapse of the stronghold were evacuated. Evacuation from the possible flood zone was implemented by response plans during the defined period. The nearest safe zones for the evacuation were situated in 800-meters distance.

The result envisaged from the training was the enhancing of operational and professional skills of the actors of the organization of civil defense and productive cooperation between the target groups and all the potential beneficiaries of the civil defense system of Sisian, Kapan and Akhtala communities, as well as the adjustment of the timeframes of the implementation of civil defense envisaged by community response plans.

Foreign colleagues of ALTER project and the members of the coordinating group summarized the results of the field training, highly appreciated the efforts of all the sides in the implementation and organization of the field training at a high level.

November 04, 2019 at 17:28