EM Denying News: No Part of Pine Park Passed to Azerbaijan

EM Denying News: No Part of Pine Park Passed to Azerbaijan

News is being soread on the Internet that a part of "Pine Park" state reserve in Syunik Region has passed to Azerbaijan. The news was based on the photos of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliev and his family published on Azerbaijani websites, with accompanying headlines stating that the latter were in the Jabrail and Zangelan region.

RA Environment Ministry denied these rumors. The explanation published on the Facebook page of the Ministry, in particular, states: “The area depicted in the photo is not the territory of "Pine Park" state sanctuary, but the continuation of the habitat of the plane tree species in the territory of Azerbaijan, which continues in the valley of the Tsav River, which is not in the territory of the Republic of Armenia. "Pine Park" state reserve, the area of ​​which is 64.2 hectares, is located in the administrative territory of Nerqin Hand settlement, Syunik Region, Republic of Armenia, under the protection of "Zangezur" biosphere reserve.

Prior to the war, border columns with clear coordinates were installed along the border, which did not change the border. Arsen Gasparyan, a representative of "Armenian Union of Biologists" NGO, also wrote on his Facebook page about the spread of misinformation.

“"Pine Park” State Reserve (about 64 hectares) with its neighboring village Nerqin Hand is in its place. We have lost a part of the natural pine grove beyond the RA state border.”

Photo Credit: The Environment Ministry

April 27, 2021 at 12:11