"Sulidzor-3" LLC Intends to Expand Bjni Marble Mine Area

"Sulidzor-3" LLC Intends to Expand Bjni Marble Mine Area

"Sulidzor-3" LLC intends to expand the area of ​​Bjni marble mine located in Bjni settlement in Charentsavan consolidated community, Kotayk Region, by 1250 square meters. On January 21, 2022, the first public hearing on the request for a preliminary environmental impact assessment of "Sulidzor" site development of Bjni marble mine by "Sulidzor-3" LLC took place in Charentsavan Municipality.

A video of the public hearing was posted on the Internet, where the public expressed its dissatisfaction with the fact that the awareness regarding the hearing was insufficient and that the residents of the affected areas did not participate in the discussion. Arzakan settlement is located adjacent to the mine. In his conversation with "EcoLur", Hakob Hovsepyan, Chief Land Builder of Charentsavan Municipality, mentioned that the administrative representatives of the affected Bjni, Arzakan settlements, the staff of the municipality and the villagers took part in the public discussion.

There is no information about the application yet, this discussion was the first, so Hakob Hovsepyan told "EcoLur" about the planned works. "The area of ​​the mine is 5 km away from the settlement. The company has been operating a marble mine here for more than 30 years. Everyone knows that the mine is being developed. This is not new: the company just intends to expand its operations. It is planning to work in an area of ​​1250 square meters, a little above the currently developed area. There is nothing secret about this. The announcement was posted on the website of the municipality, whoever wanted, came," he explained. He responded to the observation that there are obstacles for the interested residents of the affected settlements to reach Charentsavan and participate in the hearings. "Well, let's take all that into account. But it turns out that we should organize 7-8 public hearings instead of 4."

Hakob Hovsepyan also mentioned that in case of expansion of the mine operation area, there will be no change in the impact on the environment, particularly on water resources, as long as they are absent. "I am also an Arzakan resident. That mine does not hinder us in any way. It is the brand of our community. If in the past there were explosions, there was noise, now technology has changed, which does not affect us in any way. The mechanisms work with water, the rocks are removed by cutting. They have been working with new technologies for more than 10 years," he said.

January 26, 2022 at 16:53