Qaghtsrashen Program in Action Again

Qaghtsrashen Program in Action Again


The State Committee on Water Industry displayed on its website information on resuming Qaghtsrashen gravity irrigation system project, which says:

The discussions lasting over two years with Garni Community, Kotayq Region, on the project solutions, probable environmental and social impacts of Qaghtsrashen gravity irrigation system construction have finished.

Though the proposed initial version was considered to be best by the relevant bodies, nevertheless, as a result of numerous discussions and taking into consideration the concerns of a group of residents, there was a need to select a compromise version.

According to the compromise version, it’s planned to transfer the head section of Qaghtsrashen gravity irrigation water intake 5.2 km down the Azat River- in the area of currently operating Geghadir-Hatsavan pumping station. This approach will enable avoiding carrying out construction works in the gorge areas presented as resort zone, as well as to remove water intake from monuments of nature, thus excluding the relation of almost all land owners with the project.

According to the project, a new water intake section won’t be constructed in the river, but the existing infrastructures of the pumping station will be used, as well as the existing buildings in the area, roads, electricity supply lines and substations.

The proposals submitted by Goght community residents have also been discussed, which related with the Geghardalitch gravity irrigation system. In order to overcome the residents’ concerns the proposal of the community has been accepted as water supply guarantee and the additional construction works of the dotation canal of Gilanlar tributary have been included in Geghardalitch reservoir construction works.

It will enable to direct a part of the flood flows into Geghardalitch reservoir during the season of floods - during 15-20 days, thus ensuring complete water supply during whole irrigation season even in low-water years.

Taking into consideration the proposal of the residents, the water intake section of Geghardalitch reservoir has been changed as a technical guarantee of 2.4 million cum annual water volume designed for the irrigation of community land areas. If needed, an online monitoring of water distribution will be carried out, which will be available to public.

June 24, 2016 at 11:54