Up to 170 Million Cum Water To Be Let out of Lake Sevan in 2017 for Irrigation Purposes

Up to 170 Million Cum Water To Be Let out of Lake Sevan in 2017 for Irrigation Purposes


During 2017 around 170 million cum water will be let out of Lake Sevan for irrigation purposes, as this decision was reached at the meeting of the government held on 4 May. 170 million cum is the maximum amount, which RA Law 'On State Complex program on the recovery, preservation, reproduction and natural development and usage of Lake Sevan ecosystem' allows to take from Lake Sevan.

The area of land areas getting water supply from Sevan-Hrazdan derivation system made up around 39,000 ha in 2017. The rationale of the governmental resolution mentions that the experience of years show that in case of letting 170 million cum water out of the lake, it becomes necessary to have additional water production with the help of pumping stations in Mkhchyan, Ranchpar, as well as other land areas, which leads to new non-stipulated financial obligations for water supplying companies.

Reminder: The Armenian Government wants to take additional 1 billion cum of water from Lake Sevan in upcoming three years. The Armenian Government has given an assignment to submit financial assessment of economically beneficial use of additional expenses of extra water accumulated in Lake Sevan (1 billion cum) for upcoming three years together with RA Minister for Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources and RA Agriculture Minister taking into consideration the environmental problems and the circumstance of forming a sustainable fund in energy sector in future.

RA Nature Protection Ministry has submitted its position recommending not carry out any additional water outlet from Lake Sevan mentioning its negative consequences on the lake. As of 4 May 2017, the level of Lake Sevan is 1900.72 meters.

May 04, 2017 at 18:21