Acting Nature Protection Minister: "I'm Sure No Additional Water Intake from Lake Sevan To Be Held Next Year'

Acting Nature Protection Minister:


At the press conference held on 23 November, Acting Nature Protection Minister Erik Grigoryan expressed his firm opinion that no additional water intake from Lake Sevan will be carried out from Lake Sevan next year. 'I can't guarantee that the problem of the reservoirs will be solved, but I can guarantee that the most will be done not to have any additional water intake from Lake Sevan. I am sure we won't have it taking into consideration that we are expecting to have additional water inflows from Arpa-Sevan,' Erik Grigoryan said.

Under Erik Grigoryan, the additional water intake from Lake Sevan was also conditioned with the fact that the SHPPs located below the reservoirs operated and produced significant amounts of electricity in those seasons when they were not supposed to operate.

'There are water users, who have received water for decades, but they haven't paid and been registered. In this regard, Supervision Service has carried out examinations over the recent weeks and the PM assigned to establish a working group,' Erik Grigoryan said.


November 26, 2018 at 15:45