Alarm Signal: Akhtala River Again Polluted

Alarm Signal: Akhtala River Again Polluted


The Akhtala River has again been polluted 'Community Unity and Support Center' NGO President Oleg Dulgaryan is beating an alarm signal. On his Facebook page, he posted videos hows the polluting flow goes into the Akhtala River and the Debed River. The videos were shot on 24 July and today, on 25 July, the inflow has already stopped.

“The Akhtala River is polluted with unclear substances, which have probably leaked out of the mines. The river joins the Debed River and over 20 villages use this water to irrigate their orchards and currently they are using polluted water,” Oleg Dulgaryan said.

In his interview with EcoLur Oleg Dulgaryan said, “The Akhtala River is now full of tails: the mass mixed with the Debed River from flowing without getting mixed with the river.”

The Environmental and Mining Inspection Body informed EcoLur that immediately after this incident the employees of the Inspection Body took water samples on the spot and instigated proceedings to find out the cause of the pollution of the Akhtala River. As soon as the findings are available, the Inspection Body will inform additionally.

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July 25, 2019 at 19:13