Landscape of Natural Monument, Parz Litch Lake, Changed Arbitrarily

Landscape of Natural Monument, Parz Litch Lake, Changed Arbitrarily


““Opela” LLC has arbitrarily expanded the surface of Parz Litch Lake. As a result, the lake, a natural monument, was subjected to morphological changes, the landscape has changed,” said “Trchkan” civic initiative member Levon Galstyan in his interview with EcoLur. The initiative has applied to the Nature Protection Ministry in this regard and received the reply that “Opela” LLC has an agreement to clean the lake bottom, it improved (!!!) its ecosystem and carried out works on water cleaning. The aqueduct made of asbestos, through which water is flown into the lake, is changed to a metallic one. According to the Ministry, only several trees had been cut down, and the company had been fined for this action in the amount of 168,750 AMD.

Visiting the territory of Parz Litch on 25 January, Levon Galstyan noted that the surface of the lake was artificially expanded. “In this section the expanded surface is larger than Swan Lake (in Yerevan). Maybe the forest grew in this very part. And all this had been done without the opinion of the environmental expertise having only the construction permit without mentioning the term of construction. We saw the pipes, through which the water flows into Parz Litch. These pipes are designed for something else, which is mentioned in the reply of the ministry. There is a brook upwards, which flows into the SHP, which undoubtedly works foe cottages and restaurant.  The water from the brook doesn’t flow into the lake. Naturally, the ministry misleads us,” Levon Galstyan said.

On the same day, 25 January, public hearings were held in Dilijan on the project submitted by “Opela” LLC on the works of the company in the territory of “Dilijan” National Park participated by Trchkan initiative members. “We stated unless this problem is solved (expansion of lake territory), nor word can be about the new project,” Galstyan said. He said the company project was not in Dilijan, so as the public could get familiar with the project in line with the Aarhus Convention. “Opela” company denied that the lake territory was expanded and stated the lake surface was always the same.

January 31, 2013 at 00:40