Heavy Machinery Again in Azat Gorge

Heavy Machinery Again in Azat Gorge


The heavy machinery again drove into Azat Gorge today, on 16 May, on the second half of the day, for the construction of Qaghtsrashen gravity irrigation project. “Today they have been working all day long in the gorge. The trees have been stubbed up and covered with land, as if no trees has been there, you can find stone crushing, tree cutting and road smoothening devices. Today the project implementers were again in the village municipality and had meeting with individual villagers,” Garni resident beat an alarm signal to EcoLur.

All this happened after Garni residents once again boycotted the discussions of Qaghtsrashen gravity irrigation project on 12 May.

It’s already the second time since heavy machinery has been driven into the gorge. The first time the residents blocked Garni-Yerevan highway for about 10 hours unless the machinery was driven out of the gorge. 

May 17, 2016 at 19:04