On 7 June People in Charge of Geghardalitch Gravity Irrigation System Project Will Meet Goght Residents

On 7 June People in Charge of Geghardalitch Gravity Irrigation System Project Will Meet Goght Residents


The construction works of Geghardalitch Gravity Irrigation System project were stopped on 3 June after Kotayk Regional Head Karapet Guloyan’s visit to Goght. Goght residents had blocked Goght-Yerevan road and were demanding to cancel Geghardalitch Gravity Irrigation System project. As Gogh resident Vahram Sedrakyan told EcoLur, an arrangement had been reached with the regional head, that the people in charge of Geghardalitch Gravity Irrigation System project will arrive in Goght at 11:00 on 7 June to answer to the questions of Goght residents and no construction works will be carried out till then.

“They told us a new project will be presented. If the residents don’t agree with this project, we won’ allow it to be implemented,” Vahram Sedrakyan said and mentioned they will be waiting for 11:00 a.m. and if the people in charge don’t arrive, they will block the road again.

According to PIU of State Committee on Water Industry, Geghardalitch Gravity Irrigation System Project plans to rise the dam of Geghardalitch reservoir, to accumulate 3.4 million water in the reservoir and to provide water to Goght, Hatsavan, Geghadir and Voghjaberd communities in gravity method for the irrigation of 1448 ha of agricultural land areas in “Jrvezh-Dzoraghbyur” Gardening Union and “Jrvezh” Forest Park.

Geghardalitch reservoir is mainly filled with the water of Karmirget Tributary to Goght Tributary to Azat River. The project particularly says, “The flow of Karmirget River serving a spring for Geghardalitch reservoir hasn’t been studies, so the principle of resemblance was used to determine the main components for estimates. The project says that Karmirget Rivershould have 0.85 cum/s water as environmental flow.”

Goght residents claim that the water of Geghardalitch reservoir is not sufficient for them and if this project is implemented, they will be deprived of the water. During the protest demonstration Goght Community Head and “Goght 1” and “Goght 2” SHPP owners said that a separate reservoir will be constructed, where the water of Gilanlar River will be accumulated, which will be directed for the irrigation of the aforementioned communities. Nevertheless, the project doesn’t say a word about it.

Watch the video to see more about the fight of Goght residents and explanations about new Geghardalitch project.

June 06, 2016 at 18:49