Yerevan Producers Solved Problem How To Get Rid of Garbage By Throwing it Into Getar: Photos

Yerevan Producers Solved Problem How To Get Rid of Garbage By Throwing it Into Getar: Photos

The Getar along Artsakh and Arin Berd streets in Shengavit neighborhood, Yerevan, is not a river but a rubbish chute. The owners of the neighboring areas have devised special means to dump the garbage and wastes directly into the river.

The capital hasn't solved the problem of Getar, but it has been concealed and almost forgotten due to this.

'In the downtown, we can't see a river in order to be able to assess the state of the river. No one gives a clear assessment of whether or not there is a garbage collection in the river,' Environmentalist, President of 'EcoLur' NGO President Inga Zarafyan said in her interview with the Sputnik Armenia.

In the suburban areas of the city where the Getar is still open, the real state of the river is clearly visible even without any dedicated expert assessments.

Nevertheless, the relevant bodies don't respond to the alarm signals and facts submitted by the environmentalists aiming to save the river.

'Years ago the Municipality said that they had installed some reticulate fences so as to collect the garbage. Nevertheless, it's not a solution,' Inga Zarafyan said. According to her, the city authorities should specify for them whether or not Yerevan needs this river.

'We do think that the river should be open. The closed river is not acceptable for us, especially taking into consideration that we don't have another freely-breathing river in Yerevan. The Hrazdan River is also almost closed with different structures and bridges,' the environmentalist said.

According to the examination of RA Nature Protection Ministry, its water quality was classified as the worst one – Category 5.

Photo:, Nelli Danielyan

17:06 January 29, 2019


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