Vedi To Have Garbage Recycling Plant

Vedi To Have Garbage Recycling Plant


'West Management' LLC is going to construct a garbage recycling plant in Vedi Town, Ararat Region. The company has submitted a project on the collection, transfer, storage and recycling of garbage and dangerous wastes for the EIA. 'West Management' LLC in partnership with 'Sustainable Development of Rural Communities' NGO is planning to construct a garbage recycling plant at 7/1 Shrnjacogh Street, Vedi Town, with an annual garbage recycling capacity of 50,000 tons. The construction of a sorting plant is already in its final stage. Besides garbage recycling, the company is planning to receive and store batteries in the warehouse with 75.5 m2, which are mainly used in cars. Annually it is planned to receive 60-66 tons of batteries. Not-damaged lear batteries containing electrolytes are classified as having a third-class hazard. On 7 February, the public hearings on the EIA of the project were held in a positive atmosphere, as Vedi Deputy Mayor Albert Saroyan said in his interview with EcoLur. 'West Management' LLC is Company is dealing with the collection of solid household, construction and large garbage in the communities of Ararat Region, its transfer to Vedi landfill site.

16:44 February 13, 2019


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