Signature Collection in Hayanist To Recover Residents' Violated Rights To Water

Signature Collection in Hayanist To Recover Residents' Violated Rights To Water


The residents of Hayanist community in Ararat Region, who have huge problems with irrigation and drinking water, have launched a signature collection in order to apply in writing to the Armenian Government with a demand to recover their violated right to water. The letter says:

“Dear Mr. Prime Minister and Cabinet members,

We, the members of Hayanist community, are applying for the restitution of our right to water. Only 20 per cent of our plough lands are cultivated because of the absence of the irrigation network. No perspectives of dealing with agriculture in the community endanger the development of this branch: the problem with irrigation water is prioritized among the community problems. The cause of this situation is ruthless use of artesian groundwater in Ararat Valley over recent 10-15 years. Currently, a disastrous situation in terms of social and ecological aspects has been established for 2046 residents: we are deprived of our fundamental right – access to water.

The socio-economic development plan of the community for 2017-2021 envisages to semi-pipes of irrigation networks with projected value of 10 million AMD and repair of drinking water pipeline with the projected value of 20 million AMD. These project envisions can’t be implemented without external support taking into consideration narrow opportunities of the community incomes.

171 households have been experiencing serious problems with drinking water for over 30 years in Getashen neighborhood of the community in parallel with the irrigation water. “Veolia Jur” CJSC is refusing to service the internal water network constructed in the neighborhood.
We are applying to the Armenian government for the state support to solve the water problems in the community in the form of allocations from state reserves, involvement in the projects funded by international donor organizations and other allocations not banned by law. At the same time, we are requesting the Armenian Government, as a party to rental agreement with “Veolia Jur” CJSC, to assign the company to sign a service agreement for the drinking water system in Getashen neighborhood, Hayanist Community, Ararat Region.

At the same time, we are requesting you to assign RA Health and Employment Inspection Body to examine the drinking water quality in the community and to inform the community residents about the findings.”


This publication has been prepared within the frames of “Protect Your Right to Water” project with the support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), whereas the opinions expressed or the content of the publications don’t necessarily represent the official views and opinions of USAID.

July 26, 2019 at 17:13