After Villagers' Protest Demonstration "Armavir Farmer" Wants To Receiver Water Use Permit for Fish Farming

After Villagers' Protest Demonstration


Water Resources Management Agency of RA Nature Protection Ministry is developing the draft water use permit for "Armavir Farmer" LLC for water intake from underground water resources in the amount of 15 lps and 278 lps from the Sevjur River for fish farming purposes in the administrative area of Zartonq Community, Aramir Region. The discussion of the document will be held at 16:00 on 5 March 2019 at Water Resources Management Agency.

This announcement appeared on the website of Nature Protection Ministry after the protest demonstration held by Zartonq and Artashar Communities in front of the building of the Armenian Government. The villagers are demanding to return the areas alienated for fish farming purposes to "Armavir Farmer" LLC to the communities. Zartonq and Artashar Community Heads have applied to Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan with the same request.

Under the community heads, in the 1990s the community balance had 224 ha of land area (127 ha for Zartonq and 97 ha for Artashar), which the government had alienated to “Armavir Farmer” CJSC for fish farming. Nevertheless, the locals want to receive these land areas back and cultivate them because of a few land areas.

Zartonq Community Head Paruyr Sargsyan said in his interview with EcoLur that he is not aware of the project submitted by the company and didn't receive any notification about the day of the discussion.

'We haven't been informed either orally or in writing: how they are deciding without us, we can't understand anything and we don't agree with it,' Paruyr Sargsyan said.

The community head doesn't know what underground water resource the company wants to get a water use permit for. He says the villagers will need irrigation water and if there water the residents shall get it.

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16:47 March 01, 2019


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