Why "Mkhchyan Fish" Sued Environmental Inspection: Owner Giving Clarifications



"Mkhchyan Fish" has filed a claim to court against Environmental and Mining Inspection Body with a demand to annul act № 111 dated on 27.12.2018, as the owner of "Mkhchyan Fish" Ambik Gevorgyan said in his interview with the NEWS.am.

Under this act, "Mkhchyan Fish" company used water several months in 2017-2018 for its fish farm without having a water permit and was fined in the amount of 650 million AMD for that.

According to Ambik Gevorgyan, Environmental and Mining Inspection reached a wrongful decision, “ In May 2017, the water permit of "Mkhchyan Fish" company was expired and I applied to RA Nature Protection Ministry to have it prolonged, nevertheless, the process of prolongation was slowed down because of different reasons – Minister’s signature, measurements etc. Meanwhile I called the Head of Water Agency, wrote letters to the ministry requesting information on when water permit will be issued, but no success.”

Ambik Gevorgyan also informed that the Nature Protection Ministry says there is no letter, but he has kept the copy of the letter and can prove he had applied but received no water permit.

Ambik Gevorgyan also noted that he is not going to pay unless he received a new water permit, but he paid for the water during these months while the Inspection imposed a fine 10 times more. In this regard, the claim was filed to court around 10 days ago and the court hearing hasn’t been appointed yet.

May 13, 2019 at 17:49