Corruption-related Crime in "Sevan-Hrazdan Water Intake" CJSC and Damage of Around 136 Million AMD

Corruption-related Crime in


Police Corruption and Economic Crimes Department of the General Department for Combating Organized Crime obtained factual information that former officials of the State Property Management Department, the State Committee on Water Economy and the Sevan-Hrazdan-Water Intake CJSC organized the process of alienation of the Arevshat first-class pumping station of a total of 6,000 meters with a diameter of 1420 mm owned by Sevan-Hrazdan- Water Intake CJSC in 2012-2013 and submitted a false certificate, which is an official document.

As a result, approximately 2.086 tonnes of pipeline was actually formulated as 1.680 tonnes and alienated to LLCs and CJSCs. As a result, the state caused a particularly large amount of damage - around 136,000,000 drams. A criminal case has been initiated. 


November 05, 2019 at 11:19